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My friends and I got ready to go drinking and dancing. Stage 4 endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome. There are as amateur girls doing morning exercises or dancing as also professional flexible nude gymnasts and sportswomen. The doctors made me an ultrasound in case I had endometriosis or something like that and they said everything was perfectly normal so they sent me home with even stronger pain killers I had been going stronger and stronger since I started my periods, at this point I needed prescriptions for them because of how strong they were. Nothing crazy, but totally visible.

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Pretty sure I was on birth control before I was 13 because like a lot of you- periods caused my life to stop because of the pain

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Basic training, fifteen years ago. This holds especially true for girls who start younger who are far more likely to not want attention called to it. I work through my shift and go shopping at target, all the while pissed because my thighs are hella sweating I live in a place where this is not uncommon. We're going at it pretty rough, about 10 minutes into it I started to feel light headed and my vision was getting blurry. I was induced for labor.

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