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The rules of reality change on an episode-by-episode basis. And with the barriers between reality and fiction weakened, the parody episodes take on a new meaning. We're obsessed celebrities, but celebs are pretty normal folks The Others - The Simpson family are haunted by a family of ghosts, which turn out to be the family from the Tracey Ullman shorts, who were murdered and buried under the house. Maybe "The Shinning" isn't a parody of The Shining but a freak accident where one incarnation of the characters just falls into the original novel. So it makes sense that Professor Farnsworth would just send them back to the time their series was set. Bart then comes up with the torture of forcing a man to wear an aquarium as pants, and have it filled with piranhas; the screams would power a fan which would release more piranahs.

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The story kinda wraps up without showing how they get home.

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Treehouse of Horror XXV

In the sequel, the people of New New York do what anyone would do in that situation: The episode opens with Kang and Kodos narrating a Johnny Carson-style opening complete with clips from classic Treehouse episodes. Bored, Bart blows dust off a desk, finding an Aramaic inscription. Contents [ show ]. So where did all these extras go? The episode received an audience of 7. Her ghost then murders Bart as revenge.

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simpsons orgies in halloween
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simpsons orgies in halloween
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