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Bailom and Kilikili, each gripping a bow and arrows, have joined the porters. Girls made to eat other girl's asses - drtuber. Sexy girl ass eating - drtuber. The next morning four Korowai women arrive at our hut carrying a squawking green frog, several locusts and a spider they say they just caught in the jungle. For days I've been slogging through a rain-soaked jungle in Indonesian New Guinea, on a quest to visit members of the Korowai tribe, among the last people on earth to practice cannibalism.

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After we eat a dinner of river fish and rice, Boas joins me in a hut and sits cross-legged on the thatched floor, his dark eyes reflecting the gleam from my flashlight, our only source of light. I keep up with him in what seems a ritual farewell, and he swiftly increases the pace until it is frenzied, before he suddenly stops, leaving me breathless. I settle in the middle, the sides pressing against my body. He grabs my hand and thanks me for bringing his son home. On our return to the treehouse, we pass banyan trees, with their dramatic, aboveground root flares. Four women and two children sit at the rear of the treehouse, the women fashioning bags from vines and studiously ignoring me. In a separate phone interview from the Netherlands, he told me that he had never gone beyond the pacification line because of possible danger from Korowai clans there hostile to the presence of laleo in their territory.

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