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Moreover, for the ovulatory group, Ovariohysterectomy was performed 24 h after AI. Prophase-I oocytes were collected from oviduct flushing in group 1, whereas unfertilized metaphase-II oocytes were detected in group 2. However, in most of the in vivo studies in dogs, sperm distribution and survival were investigated following natural mating Doak et al. The results suggested that the cumulative effect of each stage of the cryopreservation process results in the promotion of capacitation before spermatozoa have reached the site of fertilisation, and therefore spermatozoa have reduced ability to attach to epithelial cells. In accordance with previous reports [14, 15], numerous spermatozoa were also observed in the cranial uterine glands, which represent the uterine sperm reservoir in this species. As in Experiment 1, high variations in the number of spermatozoa were detected between individual dogs and between the three groups.

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The aim of the present study was to investigate sperm distribution in the genital tract of the bitch following AI in relation to the time of ovulation.

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In vitro maturation of bitch oocytes: Effect of sperm penetration

An LH surge was detected in all animals and mean LH values did not differ between bitches subjected to laparoscopy at 48 h intervals and those bitches which did not undergo laparoscopy during the experiment. Rep Dom Anim, In the corpus uteri and the UTH, the. Evidence of ovulation was found in In dogs, however, little information is available on the effect of ovulation on sperm transport. Sperm motility refers to the proportion of motile spermatozoa in one ejaculate, while swimming vigor describes sperm movement intensity. The first report of a large data set Burgess et al.

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