Foot fetish experience

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After all they were work boots, not high end dress shoes. My wife shyly declined. After a few minutes of awkward silence, I suggested to my wife that she should let him give her a nice foot massage. Why do you like foot fetishes? Leave a comment Comments 2. As I walked around he remained on the floor, staring at my booted feet. So after we talked some more and a few more beers later I glanced down at her feet and I said to her shelby your feet look sore from cheering can i rub them for you and she said yes please so i told her lets go up stairs too a empty bedroom so it wouldnt look weird to anyone and so we went upstairs and got on the bed and she laid her legs across the bed and my dick was rock hard so i rubbed her feet for about 10 minutes while we talked about other stuff.

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What is a foot fetish?

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Ok so its about I had spotted a lovely, shaggy haired blonde behind me and made a bee line for her before someone else did. I really like licking, rubbing, and sucking on the foot. Nicely and slowly, he undid that buckle, and slid her left heel off. There is a lot of mouth-on-foot action, there is trampling, kicking, humping, there is foot massage and pedicure, there is working as a foot stool, there is even occasional boot worship, even though it's not my thing, really. An unnecessary move, peculiar even.

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foot fetish experience
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foot fetish experience
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